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I welcome you to this new website of Abdul Kalam Technical University on ‘Value Education’.

It is apt to state that life without a goal is like a race without a finish line. The one continuing purpose of education since ancient times has been to bring people to a realisation of what it is to be a human being and understand what to do and why. For the holistic development a blend of value education, i.e. the understanding of ‘what to do as a human being?’ as well as technical education, i.e. the skills for ‘how to do?’, both are essential.

Without the understanding of what to do, the acquired skills may be used for constructive or destructive purpose. Having the values, or clarity of ‘what to do?’, is a priority.

‘We hire for attitude and train for skills’ has been a recruitment adage. Employers do appreciate candidates with character rather than just skills. In fact employees without values are actually detrimental to the organisation.

In our effort for excellence, AKTU introduced an essential foundation course on ‘Human Values and Professional Ethics’ in June 2009 for all branches of study. Since then the understanding developed, through self exploration of the proposals discussed through this course, have helped students and teachers evolve as humane and ethical professionals.

The university established a ‘Value Education Cell’ and motivated affiliated institutions to develop institutional level VE Cells in a systematic effort to coordinate value education efforts at the university. This is to provide an exposure and conducive environment to students and teachers aiming at personal transformation and through that, the evolution of a humane society.

This is a platform to understand human reality through deeper exploration of the proposals as well as working on socially relevant projects. Lets aim together to be in harmony and build a harmonious world family we all dream of.

Towards the realisation of our humane dream we happily launch this website to share the working, functioning, achievements, accomplishments, transformations, information on workshops and projects etc.

I look forward earnest efforts to live our vision and mission together.

Prof Vinay Kumar Pathak