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Self Assessments of Teachers

My name is Bhanu Pratap Singh. I’ve been working in Maharana Pratap Engineering College, Kanpur as a faculty member of Computer Science & Engineering department for last 13 years. I came in touch with Human Values & Professional Ethics (HVPE) also known as Universal Human Values (UHV) subject in February 2006. Since then I have been continuously studying, exploring and practicing the subject content. I have also been trying my best to share the subject matter with others. It has been an inspiration for me and I can see that it is for the betterment of all human beings.


I had some pre-conditionings before knowing Universal Human Values (UHV) subject.

One of my predominant preconditioning was POSITION = HAPPINESS:

1.      Position brings respect and thus makes people happy.

2.      Position wields power which provides an opportunity to rule over others. It makes others to respect the one in power. That respect ultimately leads to happiness.


I was living on the above said pre-conditioning. I was an active participant, like thousands and lakhs of other people, in a race to earn position at any college in any city or any other place. I was working very hard for this. I had realized that almost everyone was making effort to attain positions. Just hard work was not enough, so other activities and tactics like grouping, politics etc. were also needed. I was involved in all these activities.


Fortunately, I got an opportunity to know about UHV and went through the process of self-exploration that made me realize that desired position could be achieved by grouping, politics but in the whole process there is an element of disharmony within me, and feeling of disharmony with others. This is the cause of unhappiness in me. With unhappiness within, I also make others unhappy.


By going through this subject I was able to get the right proposals; then by exploring these proposals within myself, I realized that the goal of continuous happiness could be achieved by harmony in myself, then harmony with others.  The whole picture became clear to me. I kept the pre-conditionings of position and power aside; and living in harmony became my ultimate objective.


This way I understood that HARMONY = HAPPINESS and NO POSITION = HAPPINESS.


Here, I want to share this journey.


Experiment of Harmony – Results & Conclusion:

After returning home from the first UHV workshop at IIIT, Hyderabad in 2006, I was very excited. It seemed to me that I have got the formula of “how to live a happy life”.


I had heard “happiness = harmony”, so I started to practice living in harmony with the people in my college. I am in the same college even now. I used to spend my time with four or five friends earlier but after the first workshop, I started interacting and spending time with everyone. In just a few days I felt that my old friends were slowly getting upset with me because I was not spending the kind of time I was spending with them earlier. They started complaining about how and why I was interacting with those persons whom they didn’t even like. The new people, with whom I started interacting, were surprised with my changed behavior. They, perhaps, began to think that I never interacted with them in past for long and now, all of a sudden, I was spending lots of time with them. They also started suspecting that there might be some hidden agenda or strong reasons for it.


This led to a situation where new relations were not made while the old ones were on the verge of ending. This, in turn, increased disharmony as compared to my previous state.


I was feeling that I must have missed something. So I went through the course material again. I realized that a gradual or sequential approach was needed for living in harmony. Firstly I had to ensure harmony with those people with whom I was already in good relationship and once I had regained their trust, I could make a program to live in harmony with the rest of the people in college.


Firstly I needed to ensure continuity of trust in relationship with these old friends. I decided to ensure continuity of harmony in relationship with these four-five friends. Whatever I understood in the UHV course helped me a lot. Primarily, I understood the difference between intention and competence. Gradually, by putting right efforts, the relationships got better, even better than before. Mutual disaffection, clashes reduced; anger also reduced to some extent. However the effort was not successful in ensuring continuity of good relationship even with my old friends yet. I did get very upset from time to time because I was putting in my best efforts to eradicate disharmony between me and others and the results were not always immediately visible.


I examined the situation again and reached to a conclusion that unless and until others would understand the science of relationships, this disharmony could not be ended. I motivated each of my friends for UHV course and they each agreed to go through it. Things changed dramatically and relation improved to a state even better than before. However the quarrels, disaffection, mistrust still persisted, though with lesser intensity. I regained the trust of my friends, I regained my lost confidence but the continuity of harmony was still missing. I started working on it. I found that I was paying attention to correcting mistakes that others made; but I was forgetting to follow the science of relationship on myself.  I could see that, if I want to improve things I need to correct the disharmony in myself first. That is what helps me to live in harmony with a small group. Then this small group, in turn, helps me in living in harmony with everyone. So, this experiment could only be successful if it starts with harmony of thoughts in  myself then extends towards harmony with rest of the world. So the correct order to establish harmony is


Self Small Group Comparatively Large Group Everyone (All)


And this ultimately gives the confidence to live in harmony with the whole existence.


When I started to make effort for harmony in myself, i.e. in my thoughts, then the first step I followed was to observe my thoughts. In this process I saw that many thoughts were going on in my mind – like disrespect, revolt, hatred etc. These were the source of contradiction in me; and these contradictions made me unhappy.


In the process of self-exploration, I came to know that disrespect, hatred and revolt are not naturally acceptable to me. Respect, relationship, and affection are naturally acceptable to me and only these thoughts ensure harmony, which is the real happiness. With this method of self awareness and self evaluation, the moments of harmony started increasing in me. Once I did this I was able to see correctly that if the thought of others are in disharmony the same is reflected in their outward behavior. I could now see that if I could behave correctly for ever if I become capable of changing disharmony of my thoughts into harmony. I worked on this intensively for the last 10 years or so.


Today I can say with confidence that, the continuity of harmony is ensured because feelings of hatred, disaffection, and revolt arising out of others mistakes don’t appear in me.


Other people in my department could also see the same thing on going through the process of self exploration. So, gradually the continuity of harmony amongst us has increased. We are able to contribute continuous effort for harmony together at the level of department, college, university, family and society.


Like this, I can see that we can have harmony in each and every human being in this world. We just have to work on establishing the right kind of education. This is what I am committed to make effort for. I feel fortunate to be a teacher.


On account of harmony in my department, we are able to make efforts in this direction. Some of these are outlined below:



-          Teachers are ready to teach ‘human values’ subject as an extra course in addition to their regular courses.

-          They are making right utilization of the resources of the department.

-          Now, they are almost free from competition and are moving towards mutual cooperation.


-          Evening Workshop: When students are introduced with the subject, 1-2 lectures per week, it raises their curiosity. Some of them made up their mind to understand the whole subject in one go instead of small chunks. For fulfilling this need, every semester, we are conducting eight-day workshops for students. To make it possible for students to attend the workshop after their regular coursework, the workshop timings have been kept as 5 pm to 8 pm.

-          Weekly Meetings: We are conducting a weekly meeting with the students who have already gone through the evening workshop. There is also a weekly meeting for faculty members. Typically, we are able to have 8 faculty meetings between mid semester and final exam.

-          Full Workshops (in Summer/Winter break): We are planning full time workshops for teachers, students and family members in the summer/winter breaks.


-          Nodal Center: We are developing our college as a nodal center for value education. Through this center we will be able to provide support for all the activities related to value education like coordination with other colleges, resource person and other support to the colleges of Northern UP including Kanpur and Lucknow.

-          Coordinating the Value Education Cell of the university: Coordination work of running the value education cell of university is being done with the help of other colleagues and friends along with our regular official work.

-          Eight-Day Teachers’ Orientation Program: we are also organizing the teachers’ orientation program in our college. We are able to send resource persons also for the teachers’ orientation program in other colleges and at the university.

Family Related Activities:

Family Workshop: The teachers who are making effort for harmony in self and harmony with others realize the necessity of this workshop for their family as well. So, now we are conducting eight-day evening workshop for them.

One day family meeting: We discuss family related issues with the three generations together in any free day at any of the family’s house with those families who have gone through the workshop.


Evening workshop: Those who want to understand this concept but don’t get full day leave from their workplace can attend eight-day part time evening workshop.

Literature Study and Participation in Higher Courses: To understand the concept of the subject in depth we participate in higher level courses. We are also doing group study of the literature related to UHV.

I am Rachna Asthana working as Professor in Electronics Engineering department, HBTI, Kanpur. I did my PhD from IIT Kanpur in 2008. 


I feel fortunate that I shared the department with Sir (Sri Ganesh Bagaria). In our free time we had discussions on topics related with day to day life. Many a times we discussed our personal problems and get solutions for them from Sir. I was having some idea that Sir is associated with some social work, with some philosophy and he is trying to solve the problems of Life. 


In 2003, I attended the first Workshop (Shivir) of Universal Human Values(UHV). It was part time shivir and I was totally shattered at that time. I was confused with the thought that what we want and what we are doing? We all want to live with happiness and prosperity and at that time whatever we are doing that would not lead us to happiness and prosperity. We are engaged in rat race more and more and more whether it is carrier or collection of physical facilities or leaving behind others. Everything is shattered then sir had understood my confusion and said that things were not that much bad. We still have natural acceptance within us and our natural acceptance is always for right things. After the completion of the shivir I was sure that Jivan Vidya(UHV) is complete  Education with respect to human’s life and any question related with one's life has its answer in it. One thing which attracted me very much is its scientific nature. Scientific in the sense that nothing is in the form of preaching each and everything we can verify, we can test on our own behalf. Nothing is imposed. After the shivir, my behaviour changed with my family, especially with my children. Basically it improved my relations with my elder child and many problems with him were resolved. Before the shivir I just wanted to be a mother doing her duties perfectly (His work could be finished on time – like meals on appropriate time, his regular studies, come on time after playing outdoor games and do rest and take sleep properly etc.). After the shivir  I realized that I have to have a relationship first with him, I have to develop the trust between us, I have to respect him , I have to understand him. He is not a machine he is having his own personality. Obviously after that our relationship started improving. I also understood the meaning of affection, care and guidance.       


Later on I attended more shivirs to have more clarity of life. Other faculty members of our department also attended the shivirs. In our department the environment is very conducive and cordial. We are working like family with a great amount of trust between us. We have difference of opinions many times, many times we make mistakes also but there is a level of trust and we understood that it is only at the level of competence not at intension. We don't have negativity in the department and the result is that despite being less in number (as per AICTE norms), we are able to complete almost all our tasks within time limits. Even our attendant acts so responsibly that before delivering any letter, he goes through it and sometimes he draws our attention to typographical mistakes also e.g. we have to send the schedule of lab exams to other departments in the month of December. Usually the new schedule is prepared by modifying the schedule of last year. We change the dates and name of the examiners. That year one or two exams were in the coming January. In the schedule the dates of the exam had been changed however, the year of the exams in January were not changed to next year. Our attendant as usual went through it and he pointed out the mistake.  


I will share one experience as head of department. Once we had to open the department on Sunday for some urgent non-academic work and all the persons including technical assistants, office assistance had to come. I was requesting all of them to come on Sunday and I was feeling bad for ruining their holidays. It was unbelievable for me when one one of technical assistant said mam you need not to feel about it. We would be on time, we feel happy at department than home. This was just because we work like family and due respect is given to everybody.   


I feel changes in my thinking also. At least now there is no rat race in my life. Mentally, I am at much stable level. I am able to understand the reasons behind acts and behavior.

I am Sateesh Kumar Awasthi, currently doing my Ph.D. at IIT Kanpur. Before it I was a faculty in Electronics and Communication Engineering Department at ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad (U.P.).


I got the opportunity to attend the workshop on human values and professional ethics in July 2005 at Society for Integrated Development of Himalaya (SIDH), Mussoorie, U.P.


Before attending the workshop there were a lot of questions and confusions in my mind, regarding various anomalies in the system and society. I used to get hurt easily and thought of various ways to overcome this situation. At the same time I concluded that to maintain the harmony in the system or in the society one has to be at the influential position, I was also of the opinion that by attaining knowledge in science and technology everything might be corrected. But after reading a lot in this direction, I was not getting any concrete solution for it and my questions were also not answered. With these entire things I was not able to contribute anything significant towards the betterment of the society.


After attending the workshop, I came to know that ‘I’ am the foundation of the complete system and first of all I have to be organize myself. I found that the cause of irritation was my inability to evaluate myself and others correctly. So, I decided to work on myself and started evaluating others and myself on the basis of ‘Intention’ and ‘Competence’. After this I found that my relationships improved at every level. In my organization, my suggestion was considered by my all seniors and colleagues. Along with all this, my questions were getting answered like- what is my role in family, society and nature? I realized that role of teacher is most important for the betterment at each level and then I decided to stay in academics. I joined the academic by chance but now I will stay there by choice. Earlier my friends used to tell me that I must switch to industry from academics. But now I tell them to join the academic.

In future I would like to contribute in society as a teacher and want to participate in organizing the workshops on human values.

I am Gopal Babu, Assistant Professor in Ideal Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad.


I attended the 7 days workshop on Human Values and Professional Ethics (HVPE) in IIT Kanpur in July 2009 and Mr. G.P. Bagaria was the resource person.


The primary impact of the workshop was that I got to know the goal of my life i.e. realization of this existence and live accordingly.Before this workshop I was directionless. I had many questions in my mind like Who am I? Why am I on this earth? What is the purpose of my life? etc. I got all the answers of my questions after this workshop like I am conscious unit and my role is to live with co-existence and I have to ensure this feeling of co-existence from family order to world family order.This subject helped me to better understand my family, my parents and my work culture in office.


Before this workshop I used to see the problem around me at the level of family, society and Nature but now I am able to see my role to ensure solution at all level. This subject helped me a lot to understand myself. Now I am able to understand myself more clearly. In fact I am aware of my most of the desires, thought and expectation. I got confidence in my living and people are accepting my behavior. Earlier I used to think that I am in teaching by force not by choice but after this workshop I got to know that I am blessed that’s why I am in teaching. My teaching of this subject helped to transform the lives of those students who were directionless. Now they are studying with more focus way and performing well than earlier. I am also living my marriage life happily with no complain. It is scientifically proved that we learn those things in better way that we experience by doing them practically. If students get the benefits of applying these concepts practically in society in the supervision of trained teacher, they will be able to understand and practice them.


I am Dr Upasana Mishra working as Assistant Professor at Inderprastha Engineering College, Ghaziabad.


The role & impact of workshop on life & family:


The Workshop on human values was absolute knowledge imparting and immense worthy where I became aware about reality and true meanings of various terms we most often use and experience throughout our life. Essence of happiness, prosperity, justice, trust, respect, health, self regulation, swatva (Innateness), swatantrata (Self Organized), swarajya (Self Extention) and many more I realized and explored intensely. It naturally modified and regulated my thought processing and impact on my way of living. With improved understanding and gradual up-gradation in knowledge, my thoughts are now streamlined and without any external influence I am able to take right decisions and enjoying happiness. I am also experiencing that this “Right Understanding” in me is being acknowledged and appreciated all around, in my family and workplace.     

Earlier, contributions and efforts towards family and job were making me stressed and tired and at the end I was getting all waste as nobody was acknowledging those efforts which I was extending for them only in my opinion. But after the workshop I evaluated and observed that whatever I am contributing is preferably for my own sake, for my family, for my profession and ultimately for my happiness and nothing I am doing for others. And truly after this realization I started enjoying my work without any complaint, stress or complications. It not only helped me to overcome my stresses but also strengthened relationship with my family members and colleagues which were earlier a little bit painful. It revitalized and provided stability in my decision makings and now I am self regulated in my thoughts, behavior and actions.


It also brought a great difference in teaching of my core subject. Earlier I was dealing 'Nature' as a separate entity and connection was missing but after this workshop I recognized fulfilling relationship with it and now while interacting and dealing with 'nature' I am able to connect myself and my students as a unit of entire existence. It became very easy to visualize and understand now that for our sustenance we are facilitated through so many things/organisms available in nature, and protection and conservation of all these things/organisms is actually for our own survival. So its our responsibility to make arrangements for judicious, need based use of all these, not exploitation, as happening now days in absence of this “Right Understanding”. We are aware about our role and participation as a unit of this nature. Through this holistic approach we are becoming more honest, accountable and responsible.


Example regarding effect of this course:

One of my student shared in class that he was with a thought that the areas having trees are away from the 'DEVELOPMENT' and in upcoming policies those may be considered for infrastructural development but now I realized that actually those green areas are representing real 'DEVELOPMEMT' which is permanent, continuous and will never revert back. I, as a teacher, considering it as a true learning if students are realizing and understanding the true meaning of "DEVELOPMENT".



I am Dr. APS Bhadauria working as Associate Professor at PSIT College of Higher Education, Kanpur I came across the contents of Human Values and Professional Ethics(UHV) when I have undergone 04th Teacher’s Orientation Program organized on the subject by UPTU, Lucknow


I find teachings of Human Values and Professional Ethics a real value education which helped me to reduce my anger tremendously which in turn established a peace within me. Now I am able to see the intention and competence in the behavior of a person separately and able to understand that other is lacking in competence and not in intention as I do. This understanding helps me to remain peaceful.


Earlier to above said workshop, my attachment to physical facilities was related to needs as well as respect/social status. Purchasing a good car was agenda of my life in 2010. I did not evaluate the agenda in terms of need and respect/social status. When did so, I found that need of car for my family was only 10 - 15 times in a year when all family member travelled together. The said requirement could easily be met by the taxi providers of the locality. Hence, the said agenda of purchasing good car was dropped. The decision relieved me from tension of managing funds for the same. The vision of seeing physical facilities in terms of needs only, reduced lots of unnecessary expenses in my life too. I realized the transformation in me when in the first week of April 2010 someone took away my gold chain while I was travelling in tempo and the incident did not bother me at all. The teachings of value education made me clear about the entire existence and relation of various units of existence with each other. Now I am able to see my role in self, family, society and nature clearly.

My both children have also undergone one-week workshop on UHV. At home we often talk relating the teachings of value education with our needs for physical facilities and our relation with other family members and neighbours. I found, lack of fulfillment of relationship among human beings, as major cause of unhappiness among them. The clarity about the various feelings, trust, respect, affection, care, guidance, reverence, glory, gratitude and love, in human relations is helping me in strengthening my commitment towards my responsibilities (for family as well as profession & society).

I also find positive change in me towards my professional life. Now I do not see myself only a teacher who is there just to teach the allotted subject but also a teacher who is also a guide to students for other faces of their life. Students come to me and discuss their personal problems besides curriculum subjects. I try to provide solution to their problems.

At last, I feel very much fortunate that I came across such a nice and valuable teaching, which has lead to a great transformation in my life in the best possible way. This huge change I can clearly see in me and the most important thing is that this transformation is also recognized by my wife and children. Today, the result is that my children easily share any kind of problem or any tension going on in their life without any hesitation with me.


My name is Pankaj Singh , I am faculty in the department of Basic Sciences ( Mathematics ) at “Maharana Pratap Engineering College, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh” and Teaching from last 14 years. I attended the first workshop in year 2010. The workshop was very powerful. As I attended the workshop, many things dawned on me. Before the workshop I do have some idea that I am more than the physical body but it was not very clear that what exactly I am.

1. Natural Acceptance:

After doing the first  workshop, I learnt that looking into the self  is very important. One should observe oneself and determine (sort out things) things which give happiness. When one is faced with a question of whether one should carry out an action and how it would affect oneself and others, it is possible to determine the answer by going through a process of Natural Acceptance. It involves asking one-self and then evaluating one’s actions. Natural acceptance is a powerful tool  and I can refer every thought to it . It empowers me to decide actions for myself, and then verify the effects of carrying them out. This can be done without referring to any external source  of  books,  instruments or some other person. The external source may be initial point but ultimately it is me  who has to examine and decide,  based on my own authority(Natural Acceptance) .

Using natural acceptance, one is able to discuss life goals and the rest of it without talking about what one should do and what one should not do. Insisted of does and don’ts the process becomes an experiment and a discovery process for the individual. The process takes into account harmony at all levels including the self, and within family, society and nature.

2. Relationships in Family:

After some time I realize the importance of relationship in family and beyond. I realized that being working in a private institution; I was not giving proper attention to my family, which was not good. I would come late, and more importantly, not give sufficient thought to them and the household. After doing workshop I started giving due attention to family. It also taught me that it is good to have a discussion in the family on every issue, sharing our daily experiences and our inner thoughts. As a family my father, mother my wife all have done workshop in span of three years.


Relationships go beyond the immediate family and I start including people at my work place and as well as others. I begin observing the little things about one’s behavior with others: In what tone one is speaking, what gesture one is using, whether one is listening to the other, whether one is making the other comfortable? Such on observation naturally led to improvement in my behavior with others. I found a feel of one-ness with others even with people I am meeting for the first time. I start feeling that the other wants to do good. Even in a conflict situation, I feel that the other is in an agitated and uncomfortable state, and that is why one is behaving in that fashion; or that one is behaving this way because he/she does not understand the full picture. He needs to be helped rather than opposed. The immediate benefit of this is that one is comfortable, so that in the ease mode I can bring once attention towards whole picture.

My name is Manish Tiwari; I am a faculty in the department of Computer Science at MaharanaPratap Engineering College, Kanpur from last 11years.


I came to know about this course from one of my colleagues (ShriBhanuPratap Singh) around six years back. Since then, I am continuously in the process of exploring this subject and trying to live accordingly.


Relationship with Students:

I used to be very strict with my students. I was not interested in listening any personal/family problem of students. I was interested in teaching and delivering my subject only. I was famous for my anger and strictness.But doing so I was so unhappy. The feeling of dissatisfaction was always there in me.

After attending the workshop I realized that  ruling  is neither naturallyacceptable to me norto the students. relationship is primary.I started students to give some space to tell their views in class. Students can discuss any problem with ease. Students are much more relaxed in my class. They feel   free in discussing their problems with me.

As a result my teaching has improved a lot and I feel so much pleasure in taking class rather consider it as a burden.


Relationship with Colleagues:

Earlier my relationship with most of my colleagues was so professional. I was in a race of position and salary. There was a mode of competition in me. In any team work I used to struggle in managing the things, every time it ends with a complaint. It was a relation of give and take only.


After workshop, my relationship with my colleagues has improved a lot. Now I have no feeling of competition. I realized that respect has nothing to do with my post and salary. I give relationship more importance than my ego.  As a result my work efficiency has improved a lot. With some of my colleagues I have family relations also.


Relationship in Family:

I used to be in stress for very small things. I used to get hurt from even very tiny things. Most of my time was spend in thinking about the others deeds only.  I was not able to find the solution that how the things can be improved.


Now, in family rather than doubting on intention of other, I realized that basic desire (to be happy and make others happy) is same in all of us, it is the competence where one lacks. I also realized the feeling of opposition is not acceptable to me. I understood the meaning of Trust and Respect which is helping in building harmonious atmosphere at home.  I along with my wife, working on the aspect of prosperity, trying to find our basic needs and how to insure them. now we know that prosperity is nothing to do with accumulating physical facilities. Rather it's a feeling of having and ensuring more than required ( difference between being rich and being prosperous).


Relationship with Self:

After going through so much studies I started looking into my thoughts, as a result many times I am able to see what is going on inside me and are able to evaluate so many thoughts for which I was not even aware before. Many contradictory thoughts get removed in this process.


I realized that Happiness is the synonym of “samadhan” (Resolution).  We get unhappy when we do not have the answers to our questions (when we are in a situation where we do not know what to do?).As a result this incompetence comes out in the form of anger/irritation/frustration, etc. I am continuously working on me for more harmonious within.



My name is Dr. Ashutosh Kansal. I am working as a Professor in department of Applied Sciences in RV Institute of Technology, Bijnor. I have been teaching B. Tech. students for last 16 years and Mathematics is my core subject.


I found Human Values and Professional Ethics workshop to be very beneficial for me. Before attending this workshop I was unable to understand how to list my requirements to live a peaceful and prosperous life.  But now I am able to understand about my requirements and needs in life. I understand the importance of the relationships, not only with my family members but in the society and with nature also. Now I better understand the meaning of right Attitude and Behavior. It reflects in my teaching and my professional and social domain also. Before attending this workshop, I was completely depended on the information stored in my mind to judge the situations in my Classes and react accordingly but now I understand that how I can analyze a particular situation with right understanding and what is the actual role of relationship in view of the concept of co-existence. Now I am able to deliver my lectures more efficiently and I remain cool, calm and confident during my lectures. I also remain more poised and patient during the lectures. So, I do feel that my acceptance is highly increased among the students and the classes are running under the atmosphere of relationship rather than control. Now, I try to look at things from students’ perspective also for better understanding.  But still it is a continuous process to understand them better and live a harmonious and peaceful life with self and others. 


I am planning to attend more and more workshops of Human Values and Professional Ethics and to work actively with the Value Education Cell of the College.



I am Rajeev Kumar, working as Associate Prof. in Electronics & comm. Deptt. as well as Dean,  Academics in R.V Institute of technology (RVIT), Bijnor. I have attended 1st  time  a seven-day workshop in 2011 and after that I attended ten introductory workshop on human values till now. I have been teaching subject human values and professional ethics (HVPE) in my college for the last 3 years. I already taken two times one day workshop for our college students.


Before attending  these workshops  I used to be much confused in selecting the things for my daily life and used to be hesitant to share my personal problems with others and not used to be less comfortable  while interacting with students in the classroom and in general .

I have learned more with these workshops. Firstly I have learned how to manage myself in term of behavior, responsibility and my contribution in the whole nature. Now I am very clear about my basic aspirations. Whatever I do, I find continuous happiness in that work just because applying the concepts of human values. I have no doubt about the priority order of work. I understand my role at all four level of living. Now I live with my family, with my colleague better than before. I can see whatever is going in me, I can catch and control if anything happens wrong in me. Now I have learned the difference between responses and reactions. I try to understand the desire, thought and expectation because I think that this is the major portion which can help me to live my life with more clarity.

Now I feel very comfortable with my students and my bonding with students become stronger and the results are good results in academics, their behavior has been changed and now they share their things with me more than before

As now I have started working as a facilitator of HVPE at RVIT campus and I took two one day workshops which help me more to understand myself and the students  I have become more responsible. so now I want to increase the frequency of workshop. And I have discussed this one to the management committee of RVIT and they have given their consent to this one. As well as we are going to start this initiative with the local inter colleges to facilitate the local students, local teachers and parents

Prof Vinay Kumar Pathak