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My name is Saurabh Pandey pursuing my B.TECH in CS stream from MAHARANA PRATAP ENGINEERING COLLEGE,KANPUR.

After implementing this subject and some activities in my life and in relations I came across some very important changes in my life. I started observing and analyzing my thought process and I was able to concentrate more. I used to take 40-45 minutes to learn and understand any topic, now it got reduced to 25-30 minutes. Now physical facilities are on third priority, firstly right understanding and secondly good relations with others.

My anger for people got reduced . I am able to differentiate between intention and competence of others. Now I don't blame any one for their intention rather i try to understand their competence and also help them to improve it. This subject has brought a positive change in me and in my behavior towards others.

My name is Renuka Rastogi pursuing my B.TECH in CS stream from        

MAHARANA PRATAP ENGINEERING COLLEGE, KANPUR. This is my feed back after attending the evening session of workshop on "Human Values". After attending the workshop, firstly I am able to shift my focus from physical facilities to right understanding and relationship and secondly I am able to maintain good relationship with others.

Before attending the workshop my goal of life was to live for 100 years and spend my whole life to earned money, because since our childhood we learned physical facilities are very important to live happily but  after going through the workshop I am able to understand  "Right understanding and relationships has highest priority to live happily rather than physical facilities". I am totally surprised but when i verify this statement at my home, i found it true. we all have only one goal that is "Happiness and Prosperity".

Now, I'm working on my thinking process and decided to attend the workshop again.

I am Vikas Kumar, student of Vidya Bhavan Engineering College, Kanpur. I was in B.Tech -2nd year when I have heard about this course. This course was newly introduced in the syllabus of UPTU. During semester exam one of my juniors ‘Ritesh Kumar’ from B.Tech -1st year with a Book of ‘A Foundation Course in Human Values’ in his hand came to me and asked sir “do you have any idea about this subject” I took that book in my hand and turned few pages of the same but I was unable to understand why this subject was introduced in Engineering syllabus, and after few minutes I have returned his book and said “sorry dear I could not help you in this subject”. 

When I was in B.Tech-3 rd year a newly joined faculty for subject EMEC-II Mr. Moti Chand Yadav have entered in our class and as usual he introduced himself and then he gave us an opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves. Everyone was to tell his name and why he/she had joined Engineering. I was quite surprised because we have introduced ourselves to many faculties before this and everyone was interested to know our percentage but no one had asked this question earlier. Each student of the class had introduced himself/herself but very few of them were able to tell why they wanted to become an engineer.

I was also not sure why I had joined engineering. After that lecture I was very upset and when I reached hostel it was very difficult for me to spend that night because till then I had no satisfactory answer to that question and I was very uncomfortable in self for few days.

After some days our teacher Mr. Moti Chand Yadav have finished a Unit of EMEC-II and we are still having few minutes left in that lecture, Moti sir was willing to start a fresh chapter but all student of the class had requested to start it from next day.

Since we were having few minutes left,  Mr. Moti Chand Yadav again asked a question in class, what is the ultimate aim of life?

On that day we have a discussion of around 20 minutes and finally reached to a conclusion  that our ultimate desire is to be happy and continuity of the same. This was the day from where my journey started with “Human Values “.

Then in Nov-2010 I have attended a 7-day part time introductory workshop on “Human Values “ along with my friends. The workshop was taken by Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh (Prof. MPEC- Kanpur). On the 3rdand  4thday of  workshop we had a discussion on harmony in self and family. After that discussion I came to know 9-values from TRUST to LOVE,  tears were dipping from my eyes. I was satisfied that I have gained something that will help to achieve my ultimate desire of  continuous happiness . The biggest achievement of this workshop was that at least now I was able to answer the question that why I have joined Engineering

My answer to this question now is my ultimate desire is to be happy and continuity of the same which can be  completed if I have right combination of Right understanding‚ Right Relationship and physical facilities and now in engineering I have started working for all the three things which I needs to achieve my ultimate desire.

After that I have attended a seven day full time workshop at IIT Kanpur in Dec-2011, The main point that strike in my mind in this workshop was “The Existence is Co-Existence”.

After completing my B.Tech in July-2012 I have stayed one more year in Kanpur to prepare for Gate-2013. during my preparations I was in continuous touch with “Human values” and I have also visited SANSTHAN (Manviya Siksha Sansakar Sansthan, Mandhana)  several times. This helped me a lot to stay positive and peaceful during my preparations and finally I have got AIR-382 in GATE-2013. This Rank may not be that much exciting for others but this means a lot to me because when I have appeared in UPTU entrance exam in 2008, my rank was 88000(apprx.) and I have no hopes that I may get a seat in any collage, I was very lucky that I have got a seat in VBCET Kanpur and met with such a great person who had completely transformed my life.

After that I was selected in IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and IIT- Roorkee for  M.Tech  and I have joined M.Tech (Power & control ) in IIT Kanpur in Aug-2013. But due to some financial conditions and family responsibility I have left the IIT Kanpur in Dec-2013 and Joined Indian Oil Corporation. Now I am posted as a Health Safety & Environment Officer of LPG Bottling plant Baddi.

As my job is to kept plant accident free and to manage the people, here also the important inputs and experiences that I have gained from “Human Values “ help me to successfully execute my job.

In the last I would like to thank entire team of “Human Values “.  I have no words to express my gratitude towards entire team of “Human Values.

My name is Rajat Kumar Gahlaut. I am final year student of B.Tech Civil stream from RV Institute of Technology Bijnor.

 Before attempting the workshop, I do not know about the value education and in the absence of it I feel uncomfortable and I did not satisfy with my life style. I just search the satisfactory and live the every moment without full enjoyment. I faced many of the problems without the value education such as I used to be suddenly angered and took a wrong decision. That was my weakness point. I believed in various paradoxes which was psychological problem. I did not know  myself while wanted to know about myself. I usually gave the importance to the money and thought money can solve the problems regarding the happiness. So I used to ignore my family and spending some moments together.

During workshop, When I heard about the workshop then I thought it may be just waste of time but I was excited to know that how the workshop changes the people. And thus I attempt the workshop. In the starting of the workshop when the Gopal Sir asked me to tell about myself and am I know that who am I? Then I just thought that what I am in actually and what I want to be in future. Many of the experience are happened in the workshop and were feeling good and relief. There were many answers of my questions regarding the life. The workshop experience was nice like to heaven for human.

After the workshop, many people put their feedback and I also as hearing about the thoughts of the people I feel that the workshop has good efficiency and the response is to be got in positive way to gain the happiness life .There were new changes in my nature. I feel that all my problems can be solved and it’s awesome. I used to give new way of view to circumstances and easily solve them. Now I do not give importance to the money and feel the sorrow of the human. I realized that anyone get access their life in the way of happiness mode but it can be possible through the HVPE .

·         As we know that value education is the most important thing for the well mannered society that’s why I have some future plan regarding to it.

  • I want to form a group or team for the awareness of value education in both the areas rural and urban.
  • I give the priority to the villages to be developed so I want to do the workshop in villages.
  • I want to Join the programs related to Human Values workshop.
  • I want to connect with those people or organization who works for HVPE and work  together.
  • I will keep the value education in my real life and will increase the knowledge about it and   also I will apply it in my family.

I'm Mohd Kashif. I'm come from Bijnor, U.P. In our family we are 6 member including me, my father Mohd Asim is an an ex-Government employee, mother house wife, my elder brother Networking engineer, younger one is student of M.B.A. I am the student of B.Tech final year at RVIT Bijnour. I am interested in surfing net, watching movie, reading news paper. I have no experience because I am a fresher, I expect I can enhance my talent.

Basically,  human values, according to me, are those values which define an individual as a human being to the extent that it distinguishes humans, who make use of value judgments in decision making different from other animals like human being, who on the other hand act on instinctual judgment. When we think of our values, we think of what is important to us in our lives (e.g., security, independence, wisdom, success, kindness, pleasure).

There is a set of feelings which I can accept effortlessly and naturally. These feelings are such as trust, respect, being confident about my future etc. These feelings are naturally and effortlessly acceptable to each one of us. I also welcome these and desire them to continue in my life. When I observe such feelings, I find that these are the situations when I am in harmony and these feelings are a reflection of that harmony. Take for example respect; respect is a state of harmony between the two human beings. When I respect the other and the other respect me, I like to be in that situation. It gives me happiness. Similarly looking, within me, when I have harmony in my thoughts, my feelings, I feel relaxed, happy. If this harmony is disturbed, I feel uneasy. When I look at all the moments when I feel happy, I will find that there is an element of harmony in it, which I like. When I am in such a state of happiness- I experience no struggle, no contradiction or conflict within and I enjoy such a state of being and I wish its continuity.


Prof Vinay Kumar Pathak